Julia Atkin Enhancing Learning with Information & Communication Technology

I’ve identified these key points from our discussion on Monday.
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Teacher Role
Changing role of the teacher:

  • From provider of knowledge to provider of knowledge and facilitator of understanding.
  • acknowledge importance of thinking (critical, creative and metacognitive).
  • learning to teach, learning to learn.

  • Working to achieve Deeper learning
  • teach for transfer, provide opportunities for transfer, be explicit, infuse thinking skills, provide authentic contexts, be purposeful.

Student Role
Changing role of student:

  • taking on more ownership, more active, collaborative, purposeful, more voice.
  • Acknowledge importance of thinking (creative, critical and metacognitive.)
  • Learning to learn.
  • focus on deeper learning

School Role

  • Upskilling of teacher in ICT and thinking skills.
  • Big ideas - consider the question of what it is important for students to learn.