Some questions for Planning Day 2010.

1. Can we achieve our goal: developing shared understandings that provide a foundation for ongoing discussion and development, and for making decisions about pedagogical questions?
Is this something we want to do? What do you see as being the place of shared pedagogical understandings at Thorndon School?

Consensus on desire to pursue this direction. Our 'Thorndon pedagogy' should be part of school curriculum.

2. Where to next? What topics would you like to see addressed?

(I'm interested in developing some shared understandings about the Key Competencies.)

Particular focus on 'Relating to Others' and 'Thinking'. Look at 'goal setting'. Go into greater depth in key areas such as 'giving feedback'.

3. Where would you like to go with this? Where does it fit? Should we link this in some way with our Quality Learning Circles: Ariki?

Happy to look at link between inquiry into pedagogy and QLCs.

4. What about the approach taken - readings, staff meetings, shared understandings? Would you like to get some
outside expertise involved? Would you like to facilitate a session at some point?

Generally happy with current approach. Like readings. Like folder. Good mix of direct presentation and activities.
Would like to see greater use of video clips (Youtube). Tash to talk about co-operative learning, Bill to talk about creativity.